Early Teal and Goose Hunt

First official blog post! Greg and I have been hunting/fishing/adventuring for 3 years together now, and it has been such a big part of our relationship! I honestly feel like each time we get to spend a day in the outdoors together it brings us so much closer. We totally reconnect in  our little private escape as we discover and explore together. So, we wanted a place where we could share one of our biggest passions and hobbies with you all.

This past Sunday we hunted early goose and teal. I love early season. It’s still warm; this is great for me because I love being warm! It also gave us the chance to work some kinks out before we’re hunting in what I think feels like arctic temps! We were able to get our blind set up, but it definitely still needs some work. It’s crazy how heavy grass and straw is! We were also able to get our boat in the water effectively. Getting the decoys in was another project. Greg was ready to strip down and swim around because the spot that we were in was too deep! We did get all set up, though, just in time for shooting!

Overall, it was a really great hunt for early season. We got 2 geese and a teal! Also, any day we get to spend on the water together is a great day! 🙂


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