Sunday’s Grand Slam

This past weekend Greg and I went to Park Ridge to visit my family! Everything about going up to Chicago/Park Ridge is so fun! We get to take a little car ride (which we both absolutely love. We get two completely uninterrupted hours together to talk and laugh or listen to a podcast we both like. Then, we get to see the people we love most and catch up because we all have such crazy work schedules. One of the other things we like to do is go have a nice dinner. On Saturday Greg and I went to this Irish pub called the Curragh with my dad. It was super yummy (Greg had steak marsala, I had a fancy salad, and my dad got chicken curry). They also had the best mozzarella sticks any of us had ever had; they were definitely special, secret recipe material if that would even be possible for mozzarella sticks lol.  After dinner we stayed up until like 3 am chatting with my mom and sister. There is so much fun to be had, and we always want to make the most of our time together!

On Sunday, we snoozed in a little, had a little lunch, and hit some baseballs! We had to get in our last little summer activity before it gets chilly. Greg definitely won MVP of the batting cages. He was hitting fast pitch balls! My mom and I stuck with the intermediate level of slow, lol. Slow is probably beginner, but I am going with intermediate because we could probably do medium, but neither of us want to get hit with a ball or get an injury. Such girly girls!

For me, there is nothing better than getting to spend time with the ones I love. The highlight of my weekend was getting all sorts of kisses from Greg in the sunshine! His kisses are even better than his baseball. 😉


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