The Hunting Process

Last weekend Greg and I went on our first deer hunt of the season.  It’s always difficult to get through the woods and brush in the early season because everything is still very overgrown. We tried our best to do some scouting to find the perfect spot, but both of us got super sweaty, and so we just decided that we would hang out in a spot we thought might work. Then, the swarm of mosquitoes happened! As soon as we sat down in our blind they got us. We spent the majority of our hunt trying to stay mosquito free! We did not get to see a deer, but we did get to spend some great time together, and snap a few pictures. (We also need to get that down because the sun went down before we really got as many pictures as we would have liked.) Next time we’ll take pictures before it gets too dark!

Starting something new is so much fun because there is so much to learn. One of the best parts of our relationship is that we’re both always wanting to learn more and do more. I am so happy and lucky to have found someone who loves the whole process of doing something (hunting, loving, creating, living, fishing, blogging!) as much as I do. It feels amazing to have Greg by my side as we discover, and we are always so excited for the next step! We always love looking back at past adventures, too.

This weekend I think we are just going to do some target practice with our bows. We want to wait for the first freeze to go deer hunt again so that the mosquitoes will be all gone! We hope everyone has a fun Sunday!


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