A Couple’s Hunt for the New Year


We had the best time this weekend hunting with our friends, Pat and Michelle, on New Year’s Day. We all put on our camo and headed out in the chilly weather. This was an afternoon hunt because we all wanted to sleep in after New Year’s Eve, and it was just a perfect way to bring in the new year. We were outside, taking in  beautiful nature, laughing and watching the sky with our soulmates.

This spot has become one of our favorites, and it was really fun to be able to experience it and hunt it with our friends. Driving to this field, we pass the little ponds (one on each side of the road) that the geese sit on. It looks so beautiful, and there are thousands of geese every time! Then as the sun begins to set, the birds fly. They come over the field, and we get to see them flying together, and they sound so so close. This will always be my one of my favorite parts! Everyone stays really quiet, and it is pure harmony and excitement because it feels like they are going to land right next to you, and that means Greg get’s to experience one of his favorite parts!

After our hunt, we took a walk and scouted a different part of the field. We were able to see a few more groups fly overheard. The birds will fly later because moon cycles, the weather, and the brightness of the sky even after the official sunset time. I also love getting to watch the pretty sunset with Greg, especially when it’s pink!

I hope you all had a great New Years, and I just believe 2017 is going to amazing, inspiring, and full of love!


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